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All Good Things…

Five years ago, I began posting Momaiku on Facebook. The Dude was twelve. What started as the desperate cry of a woman suffering from post-career stress syndrome became the daily chronicle of our lives together.

Over time, however, my son has grown, and seventeen syllables aren’t enough to describe the man he is becoming.

After much thought and discussion, we’ve decided that it’s time to set the Dude free.

I cannot tell you how much your support and laughter have brought  to me. Writing for you has been the bomb. I hope that you’ll join my alter ego at the Mobyjoe Cafe.

Like the Von Trapp kids

The Dude and I wave goodbye

And walk up the stairs

Much love and thanks,

Jeannine Bergers Everett a.k.a. Momaiku

Wear a hoodie and you’ll be fine

“Shorts season is here!”

We mulch the yard tomorrow.

“They’re forecasting snow.”


I’d take it as a yes, if you didn’t have a pillow over your head

“You crush my spirit

With your lack of faith in me.”

I asked if you’re up…

Noob tube wasn’t on the vocab list?

“Spanish verbals sucked.

It was on electronics.”

Cat got your thumbs, dude?

That’s what you get when you trust a machine to do a mother’s job

Your bedroom’s so bad

Even the Roomba gave up

“It lacks conviction.”

I’m so glad I came back. The emotional response is overwhelming.

Your Mom is home, Dude

Why don’t you give her a hug?

“You can’t force it, man.”

Some memories I’ll keep to myself

On college tours

I get all of the flashbacks

But none of the drugs

It’s a Prius, not a sauna. Wear a coat.

You borrowed the car

“How did you figure that out?”

Heat’s set at 80

That’s how you put things in perspective

Your food card balance

Looks more like a grocery bill

“For stuff you don’t cook.”

Maybe they should just live at school until Spring comes

“I’m SO exhausted.”

Hard day at school? “Not really.

Just out of practice.”


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