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You should have seen the cat run upstairs

Teen boy sleepover

For fun?  Axe-bomb the basement

Hell’s version of Glade

About Jeannine Bergers Everett

Writer, musician and Red Sox fan. Escaped prisoner of corporate life finding new my new purpose mid life, starting with happily blogging essays and poetry at Mobyjoecafe and Momaiku. Known for humorous but philosophical take on parenting and life's other absurdities. Lover of french food and african dance. Just finished first novel and hoping for the best.

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  1. Chloe and I laughed at this brilliant Momaiku! Apparently the infatuation with Axe only lasts till they’re 18. C said that she and her Axe wearing boyfriend were bbysitting my little granddaughter and when Kerstie came back she said the boyfriend is never allowed over again smelling like that! 🙂

  2. I asked my son, “Yeally, you guys like this stuff? Do you think girls like this stuff?” His response, “You don’t want to know what they smell like without it.”


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