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Under Armour implies that something goes over it, yes?

It’s sleeting outside

“No problem–got it covered

Wearing my hoodie.”


About Jeannine Bergers Everett

Writer, musician and Red Sox fan. Escaped prisoner of corporate life finding new my new purpose mid life, starting with happily blogging essays and poetry at Mobyjoecafe and Momaiku. Known for humorous but philosophical take on parenting and life's other absurdities. Lover of french food and african dance. Just finished first novel and hoping for the best.

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  1. Wearing Dockers did not automatically turn you into Bill Gates, nor did a black turtleneck Steve Jobs make. And, sadly, a hoodie will not turn you into Mark Zuckerberg. Alas.

    • My son would say “Who’s Mark Zuckerberg?” When you tell him, he’ll say “Oh, right. That old dude that invented that thing they used in the olden days before tumblr. Is that still around?”

      • I remember when Tumblr was considered “girly” — the year before last? Some ancient time — before Pintrest took that space. Your son has a Tumblr? Does he do “equal time” posts? Can we get his side of the story?

      • My son only knows how to connect his Xbox. His technology skills are highly outcome-driven. My husband could build a computer out of duct tape and a broken flashlight, which guaranteed his only son was bound to be a Luddite.

      • And furthermore, since his mother is a writer, he doesn’t do the “reading/writing thingee.” Collaborating with his mother would require admitting that he has one.

  2. Today there is a rainfall warning, 5 degrees and gale force winds and the kids walking past my house from school are in shorts, hoodies and, if they were made to take their coats, then their backpacks look suspiciously fat…and it’s not homework. Wait, that kid’s wearing flip flops!


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