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3 day baseball tourney and my weekend is toast

“Pretend it’s Tampa”

So I’ll wear my bikini?

“Pretend it’s Juneau”

I thought karma would have to wait until he had kids of his own

Camp Counselor Dude
“Geez, these kids do NOT listen.”
Really? Who’d have guessed?

Get some pledges, it’s a walk-a-thon

This game is endless

At least it isn’t raining

Damn, I spoke too soon

Click, clack my #$$. Defending my house

No cleats inside, dude
If you want to test them out
Go aerate the lawn

Mama needs to unwind, y’all

Evening baseball game

Would have brought some Chardonnay

But I’m driving home

Someone needs to study their food pyramid

“Chipotle’s healthy”
You need to eat vegetables
“What do you call beans?”

The probability of a forfeit is proportional to the distance to the ballfield

Not enough players
Could you have figured it out
Before we got here?