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I have my Sundays back until baseball season

Basketball final

Season’s over, should be sad

But guess what? I’m not


It’s okay dude, that’s why they made it adjustable

“I’m a dunk MACHINE!”

Need help raising the hoop, dude?

“Joy killer, but….yes.”

No, you don’t get three points for that

Teammate on the floor

Talk about a crotch shot. Dude–

Look before you pass

Save it for the other guys, okay?

Son, no one cares if

The other dude’s an asshole

Don’t foul teammates


There’s a certain brilliant simplicity to it that I admire

Man on man defense

His opponent’s strategy?

Untie the dude’s shoes

You do know the guys in other jerseys are your opponents, right?

This game is so bad

The other team’s coach is bored

Make him do something

I only go to watch you play, does that make me a bad mother?

If you foul out

You get to be a bad ass

I get to go home