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The camp counselor strikes back

What’cha doing, dude

“Looking for a taser app.

Just kidding. Sort of.”

I thought karma would have to wait until he had kids of his own

Camp Counselor Dude
“Geez, these kids do NOT listen.”
Really? Who’d have guessed?

It’s like the derecho hit his bedroom – can I get federal disaster funds?

Home from camp one month

It’s like he never left home

King of entropy

a.k.a Watch out for the flying pigs

“Camp wasn’t so bad”

Did he really just say that?

Satan needs some skates

I couldn’t resist. I’m evil that way.

In Saturday’s mail

Spanish Boot Camp – Sign up Now!

Put it on his desk

He grew two inches while he was gone

When he sleeps, I see

Beloved, tow-head toddler

With enormous feet

Before it got in, it wrote “wash me” on the rear windshield

When we got to camp

His laundry walked to the car

And hopped in the trunk