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The perils of having a mother who’s near vegetarian

“I know it’s healthy

but I want a social life.

Enough with the beans.”

We’ve been married 20 years and he’s still working on it

“What are girls thinking?”

When you figure it out, dude

Please tell your father

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You might want to change how you tell that story

She was into you

But she had a concussion?

Dude, that’s too easy

I’ve got to iron his shirt too?

Homecoming tonight

I’m busy hemming his pants

You fill in the rest

And I’m not giving you time to find any, either

“Let me stay later”

It’s not like you have game, dude

“Don’t rub in it, Mom.”



Neither comes cheap these days

Homecoming looms large

Needs a date and longer pants

I’ll only buy one

Hey dude, who’s the girl? Guess camp wasn’t so bad after all.

The camp has a blog

I saw the pictures last night

You are so busted