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I’m going to get one of those huge bathroom keychains they use at the doctor’s office

Where are my car keys?

“My pocket. ‘Case I need them.”

Why? They do homework?

He can’t wait to drive unless it’s a road trip

Too tired to drive

Awake enough to chew gum

Human rumble strip

Do as he says, not as he does

Passed his driver’s test

“You shouldn’t be too surprised.

I don’t drive like Dad”

I meant in regards to parental guilt, but I suppose your interpretation fits as well. I’m still not buying you a car.

A teen with a Porsche

Is overcompensating

“Great. I’m a eunuch.”

Try all you want. I am still not buying you a car

Dude, don’t miss the bus

I mean it. Don’t miss the bus.

“Mom. I missed the bus.”

Because I have nothing better to do

If you miss your bus

Of course I’ll drive you to school…

In your underwear


Remember when I asked you to vacuum the car, and no, I won’t take you home to change.

Gift bags in my car

Left glitter on the backseat

His shorts? Sparkling clean