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And if it isn’t, lie to me

It’s meatless Monday

“So we’re having chicken, right?”

Please be sarcasm

You might want to change your shirt, too

Doritos for lunch?

“How the heck did you know that?”

Go brush your teeth dude

I don’t think Eric Ripert uses Redi-whip

Pancakes and whipped cream?
Is that breakfast or dessert?
“It’s fusion cuisine”

Ask the pantry. It’s cheaper.

Close the fridge door, dude

“But I haven’t figured out

If I’m hungry yet.”

There are always pink jelly beans, he doesn’t eat those

“Mom, I want a snack

Is there any candy left?”

Dude, you’re asking me?

If the power goes out, I won’t have to cook

“Mom, it’s a snow day!

Why don’t you look excited?”

Shrug. “What’s for breakfast?”


And I’m sure there’s another open box in the pantry

Three lonely Cheez-its

Just recycle the box, dude

I know you ate them