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The package says, “Do not eat raw cookie dough.”

They’re called “ready-bake”

Not ready-eat, so hands off.

“I’m saving you time.”

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The perils of having a mother who’s near vegetarian

“I know it’s healthy

but I want a social life.

Enough with the beans.”

Yup. (So I lie. Sue me)

Get up for breakfast

“Cereal’s not worth the effort

Did you get doughnuts?”

In fact, eat on the porch, so I can just hose you down

Footlong Meatball Sub

No, you can’t eat in the car

Don’t have a dropcloth

So what’s your excuse?

If you’re what you eat

You think you’d be much sweeter

“Vegetables don’t nag”

I’m eating my pizza with a fork on principle

“I’ll set the table”

We’re having pizza tonight

“That’s why I offered”

Filled with the all-natural goodness of sugar

Okay, they’re whole grain–

Lucky Charms are not health food

Despite their label