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He had me going there for a moment

“Dubstep’s NOT music.

Don’t go looking all hopeful,

Schubert still sucks, Mom.”

Posession is 9/10 of nothing I want

“The vacuum’s  broken”

Let me see–It’s working fine

“Thanks Mom! See you later!”

If “Hoarders” comes to our house, it’s the dude’s fault

You won’t clean your room

Please leave a path to your door

In case there’s a fire

How do you get a teen to clean his room?

“I’ll do it myself.”

Bet you five bucks you’ll forget…

That works every time


Remember when I asked you to vacuum the car, and no, I won’t take you home to change.

Gift bags in my car

Left glitter on the backseat

His shorts? Sparkling clean

I’m eating my pizza with a fork on principle

“I’ll set the table”

We’re having pizza tonight

“That’s why I offered”

The health department would cite him for either one, I’m sure

He cleans his bathroom

Like he cleans his retainer

Not often enough