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Tell that to your father and see where that gets you

The Dude doth protest

“My mother exaggerates.

I only nicked it.”

And he wasn’t even drinking at the time

Christmas was a hit

When The Dude backed the Prius

Through the garage door

They are one in the same if you don’t make me take you with me

“Have a Christmas wish?”

How ’bout five minutes of peace?

“Yeah, right. Starbucks card?”

Not with what you’re full of at the moment

I’m riding on fumes

Do you ever fill the car?

“Fill the car with what?”

And we will take a family picture

Grandma’s Christmas gift

A reindeer sweater. With lights!

Yes, you must wear it.

Please, not a Chipotle card again this year, okay?

“I’m going shopping.

Getting someone their present.”

So you need cash? “Yeah.”

Yeah? Well I’m about to make a child sacrifice if you don’t crack a book open right now

Study for your test

“One must honor the snow day

and keep it holy.”