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If “Hoarders” comes to our house, it’s the dude’s fault

You won’t clean your room

Please leave a path to your door

In case there’s a fire

Remember when I asked you to vacuum the car, and no, I won’t take you home to change.

Gift bags in my car

Left glitter on the backseat

His shorts? Sparkling clean

At least they were clean. We take what we can get.

“You like my new look?”

It’s what you wore yesterday

“See — stylin’ new socks!”


I’ve got to iron his shirt too?

Homecoming tonight

I’m busy hemming his pants

You fill in the rest

He’s in a bathrobe and nothing else

It’s noon, Hugh Hefner

“I’m doing my laundry, Mom.”

Ran out of undies

Maybe they could just spray them all with a crop duster post-meet

Could you please stand still

While I douse you with Febreze?

It’s a long ride home

It’s not just for home. He takes it to the masses.

His shirt’s a napkin

“So? I do my own laundry.”

We’re at a restaurant