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If you miss the bus you can swag yourself to school

Would you hurry dude?

I’ve seen turtles move faster

“But they don’t have swag”


At least you aren’t the village idiot

Your homework’s not done

What say you, Mr. Mayor?

“Excuse town’s busy”


Wait until he hears my aerobics teacher uses it, too

Know the song, “Thrift Shop?”

I used it in Momaiku

“It’s dead to me now.”

And that might just push me over the edge

I know I should ask

What the hell you were thinking

But then I would know

Hey, Your Grandad’s got swag, dude

That shirt’s eighty bucks?

Can’t you be like Macklemore?

I’ll call Grandpa now

I can sign you up for, it’s a lot cheaper than tuition

Hot college tour guide

Is not how we choose a school

“It’s an incentive.”

There are always pink jelly beans, he doesn’t eat those

“Mom, I want a snack

Is there any candy left?”

Dude, you’re asking me?