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Wear a hoodie and you’ll be fine

“Shorts season is here!”

We mulch the yard tomorrow.

“They’re forecasting snow.”


I’d take it as a yes, if you didn’t have a pillow over your head

“You crush my spirit

With your lack of faith in me.”

I asked if you’re up…

Noob tube wasn’t on the vocab list?

“Spanish verbals sucked.

It was on electronics.”

Cat got your thumbs, dude?

That’s what you get when you trust a machine to do a mother’s job

Your bedroom’s so bad

Even the Roomba gave up

“It lacks conviction.”

I’m so glad I came back. The emotional response is overwhelming.

Your Mom is home, Dude

Why don’t you give her a hug?

“You can’t force it, man.”

Some memories I’ll keep to myself

On college tours

I get all of the flashbacks

But none of the drugs

It’s a Prius, not a sauna. Wear a coat.

You borrowed the car

“How did you figure that out?”

Heat’s set at 80