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That’s how you put things in perspective

Your food card balance

Looks more like a grocery bill

“For stuff you don’t cook.”

Maybe they should just live at school until Spring comes

“I’m SO exhausted.”

Hard day at school? “Not really.

Just out of practice.”

At least from here to school

“Happy that I’m home?”

My love is strong enough to

withstand some distance

Put down the snowball and back up slowly while keeping your hands in the air

Don’t even try it

I grew up in Michigan

I will smoke your ass

He actually thought it would work. Amateur.

It’s so cold today

Even hubs said take a coat

“Ha-ha. Good one, Dad.”

And a half cup of milk.

“I take my coffee

With three packs of sugar, tops.”

Dude, you’re a badass.

What are you thinking? A fridge and x-box in the back?

“Your car could be cool

With a few small adjustments.”

Don’t pimp my Prius