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Say anything about Dvorak and the gloves come off

Diss Brahms on more time

And I’ll play my violin

When your friends are here

Wait until he hears my aerobics teacher uses it, too

Know the song, “Thrift Shop?”

I used it in Momaiku

“It’s dead to me now.”

It came from somewhere, you know


“Rap is music, Mom

Ever heard of sampling?”

Yeah. Get my Ipod


Boy Bands, or time and time again

With the exception of Justin Timberlake

Hey New Direction

N’Sync wants their career back

They’re you, in ten years

Whoever said practice makes perfect didn’t have children

Today’s haiku on my son alleviating his boredom by practicing “Sunshine of Your Love” over and over again on his electric guitar.

I reach for Motrin
And think of Clapton’s mother
Did she need earplugs?