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What do you think I do when you’re not home?

Since you’re back at school

I will eat your cookies and

Play with your X-box

Feel free to do either for yourself

You’re just like your Dad

“Then make me a sandwich, yo.”

I have a headache.

Not if you’re sitting in my car

How was practice, Dude?
“Me. Cross Country Hurlmeister.
Stop at Chipotle?”

And yes, the wine is for me, season to taste

Hangout recipe
Five boys, six pizzas and Axe
Two earplugs and wine

Just because we live in D.C. doesn’t mean you can use government speak on me

Summer reading done?

“Can’t say. You’re not ‘need to know’.”

Are you need to eat?


But I’d prefer not to deal with that, either

You forgot your plate

“It makes you feel needed, Mom.”

So does cholera

And if it isn’t, lie to me

It’s meatless Monday

“So we’re having chicken, right?”

Please be sarcasm