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The definition of assymetry

I’m thankful for you

“I’m thankful for my X-box”

Glad we got that straight

Puberty brings notable speech impediments

“Friends count my voice cracks”

Be glad–they could count your “likes”

“What do you, like, mean?”

I don’t understand why guys want this, but he does

An Ipad mini?

“Think Mom. Video. One hand.”

There’s an app for that?


He’ll take his milk shaken, not stirred

In Homecoming clothes

He thinks he’s the next James Bond

Pie in the Skyfall

He’s the Hugh Hefner of Homecoming

“I won’t have a date

I hear most girls go in groups

I’ll let them share me”

Pinocchio is a becoming a real boy

Got him a razor

But only one pack of blades

Should last him a year

The photo technician’s busiest week of the year

School pictures Friday

Better order retouching

Clearasil airbrush