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At least it was only a two-hour delay this time

Dear Mother Nature,

From one mom to another

Go **** yourself. Twice.

Wahoolies, see you at 3:00, son

The Dude’s back in school

Time to dance in my jammies

And play “Need for Speed”

Yeah? Well I’m about to make a child sacrifice if you don’t crack a book open right now

Study for your test

“One must honor the snow day

and keep it holy.”

Five minutes later, hubs asked what was for lunch

“We’re out of cookies.”

Writer’s don’t get snow days, Dude.

“Neither do Mothers.”

No, I will not wear my pajamas backwards

You could flush ice cubes

Or you could do your homework

Winter storm roulette

I should have known. He was working too hard.

Proofing your essay?

“Editing my Christmas list.”

Asking for some A’s?

Does one still get a trophy for showing up?

How are your grades, Dude?

“I have perfect attendance.”

Going to Harvard