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Unless it’s hiding under that pillow, you’re out of luck

“Where does the time go?”

Get out of bed and find out

“Rhetorical, Mom.”

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when I wake up in the middle of the night

It’s 1 am, dude!

“Mom, it’s eleven….Really.”

Oh…well, never mind.

I totally get it, dude

His lips said “Bye Mom”

His face said “#*@&  the morning”

We speak one language


Napping after school has its limits

Hey Sleeping Beauty

Get up and do your homework

Or else I’ll kiss you

Why do I get up and drag him out of bed every day?

Damn. I overslept

But he still got up on time? Hmmm

That sleeping dog lies


His neck will be sore today

His post-school car nap

I couldn’t keep him upright

Human bobblehead

You couldn’t have brought this up at dinner?

He has some questions

About the meaning of life

It must be bedtime