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Then Wake up, Bro, before you miss your bus.

That’s the last straw, Dude.

I’m changing your snooze button

Into a taser.

Not if you’re sitting in my car

How was practice, Dude?
“Me. Cross Country Hurlmeister.
Stop at Chipotle?”

Only if you’re using the textbook app

“My Ipad’s a tool

An instrument of learning”

Play “Call of Homework”

You want pancakes, go to IHop

‘Cause it’s Thanksgiving

He’s expecting hot breakfast

Rude Awakening

You’re lucky it didn’t end up on YouTube

That’s a bad scrape, dude

“Stepped on a moving treadmill”

Speechless…   “While texting.”

I don’t understand why guys want this, but he does

An Ipad mini?

“Think Mom. Video. One hand.”

There’s an app for that?


The BOGO at Men’s Warehouse didn’t sway his opinion

“You’ll love how you look

‘Cause you seem thinner after

they drain your wallet”