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He’ll take his milk shaken, not stirred

In Homecoming clothes

He thinks he’s the next James Bond

Pie in the Skyfall

He’s the Hugh Hefner of Homecoming

“I won’t have a date

I hear most girls go in groups

I’ll let them share me”

Neither comes cheap these days

Homecoming looms large

Needs a date and longer pants

I’ll only buy one

If I’m doing the cooking, what exactly are you planning?

“What’s for dinner, Mom?”

We just finished breakfast, dude

“I’m planning ahead”

So this means you’re doing dishes from now on?

Bring in the trash cans

“But I took the trash out, Mom!”

Finish what you start

What is giveth is taken away, then giveth again

“I hurled at practice”

Oh my gosh! Are you okay?

“Yeah….What’s for dinner?”

It’s not just for home. He takes it to the masses.

His shirt’s a napkin

“So? I do my own laundry.”

We’re at a restaurant