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Wear a hoodie and you’ll be fine

“Shorts season is here!”

We mulch the yard tomorrow.

“They’re forecasting snow.”


I’d take it as a yes, if you didn’t have a pillow over your head

“You crush my spirit

With your lack of faith in me.”

I asked if you’re up…

Noob tube wasn’t on the vocab list?

“Spanish verbals sucked.

It was on electronics.”

Cat got your thumbs, dude?

Some memories I’ll keep to myself

On college tours

I get all of the flashbacks

But none of the drugs

That’s how you put things in perspective

Your food card balance

Looks more like a grocery bill

“For stuff you don’t cook.”

Don’t check. Just move it.

Dude. Please do not leave

Your underwear on the couch

“What? It’s clean. (I think)”

That’s what I call mindless eating

“It’s Valentine’s Day?”

The three bags of candy hearts…?

“Never crossed my mind.”