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I’m just grateful he’s not throwing a ball against my office wall

He isn’t speaking

He’s slumped, zoned by the T.V.

For him, a good day

You can take the dude out of New England….

The Pats lost again

There’s no crying in football

But whining’s allowed

And this is what occurs to you? (the four hours might come in handy)

He’s puzzled by ads

“So the bathtubs are outside

How do they fill them?”

The thrill of victory

“This inspires me”

To go running? “Yeah. Right Mom.”

Oh, beach volleyball

He’s 28, Mom. It’s different.

“Man, what a loser

He lives in his Mom’s basement–

Come on, I’m fifteen!”

Do you bypass the commercials?

After cross-country

He showered, then slept ’till 3

“I TiVo my sleep”

Maybe they’ll make Greco Roman Thumb Wrestling an Olympic Sport


“How do they do that?!”

Missy Franklin’s in high school