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Noob tube wasn’t on the vocab list?

“Spanish verbals sucked.

It was on electronics.”

Cat got your thumbs, dude?

It’s not actual Medieval history, you know that, right?

You’re playing Minecraft?

“It’s educational, Mom.”

If you’re a hobbit.

Only if you’re using the textbook app

“My Ipad’s a tool

An instrument of learning”

Play “Call of Homework”

The definition of assymetry

I’m thankful for you

“I’m thankful for my X-box”

Glad we got that straight

I don’t understand why guys want this, but he does

An Ipad mini?

“Think Mom. Video. One hand.”

There’s an app for that?


And I wouldn’t have to nag him to practice

His thumbs are a blur

If texting was a team sport

He’d make varsity

The twisted logic of gamer behavior

“Everyone does it

So it’s not antisocial”

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