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So you won’t mind if I wear my pajamas

“Drive me to the bus?”

Now you can be seen with me?

“Can’t see in the dark.”

Says the kid from Great Falls

“Justin Beiber? Pffft.

He thinks he’s such a gangstah.

He’s from Canada.”

Why bother, they’ll just mess it all up again

Since school is still out

I do “housework”–Tweeting while

watching the Roomba

In Michigan, we called this “Wednesday”

Have a heart, people

It’s only frozen water

Open the damn school

You sneezed in my face, Dude

Crap — I’ve caught your cold

You’re a Petrie dish with legs

But it feels remorse

And I could be Joan Crawford

“Count your blessings, Mom.

I could be Shia LaBeouf”

And you’d be grounded

Timing is everything

It’s your dad’s birthday

“Then I’ll take out the garbage.”

They picked up today